Product Portfolios


Supports simultaneous Video & Data & RC transmission,HDMI/Ethernet/SDI


Higher integration,SDK open,Range up to 34km


Higher integration,SDK open,Range up to 48.5/49km


General Industrial Wireless HD video transmission product,1080P60 resolution


The key point of S2: H.265/HEVC Coding technology,multiple input including IP/HDMI/CVBS/UART, Encryption


Using H.265/HEVC codec technology, support RTSP/TCP/UDP/TS video streaming


HDMI interface,Latency as low as 60ms,Film quality

Directional tracking platform

Automatic tracking,High-performance directional antenna,Working temperature range is -40°C ~ 70°C

HDMI Shielding cable

A reliable cable which is designed for drone application

Case Studies

Connected with flight control

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Connected with pod

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Wireless transmission solution

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Border patrol

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Fishery monitoring

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Power inspection

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Data Transmission Expert-MAINLINK

Great Mainlink (Shenzhen) Tech Co.,Ltd. is a Hi-Tech enterprise in China.We focus on wireless video and data transmission equipments designing and manufacturing. Our continuous innovation and high product performance has won us a lot of customers in China and all around the world.

Founded in 2016,Mainlink has been working to be a leading wireless transmission devices provider of drone industry.We have developed two products lines: Skywalker and Maestro.The product M51 has obtained CE and SRRC certification. Our core R&D team comes from the first-class university in China, major in communication engineering.We believe that wireless connection will keep on developing in professional markets in the future.Our vision is to make the professional wireless transmission market better and better.