M58/M58 Pro can transmit video, data and control information simultaneously. With high integration, stable performance and high reliability characteristics. M58 Pro adopts the design of primary and secondary dual backup links. Users can set the primary and secondary links through private control commands, such as one-click silence and intermittent communication.

M58/M58 pro integrates a fully automatic tracking pan-tilt system, which can track the direction and position of the UAV in real time. By analyzing the Mavlink protocol data returned by the flight control, then extracting the longitude, latitude and altitude information of the UAV to control the motor movement of the dual-axis pan-tilt-head. Which can accurately track and quickly "align". The high-gain directional antenna of ground can improve the reception ability of wireless signals and make the transmission distance more stable.

M58/M58 pro adopts advanced RF technology, strong anti-interference ability, with automatic encryption function, which can ensure the security of long-distance wireless video and data transmission. The transmission distance is as far as 80km/100km, which can meet the application of ultra-long distance UAV inspection, surveying, patrolling and so on.

Humanized display design

The ground with OLED screen can display real-time flight data such as transmission rate, signal strength, flight distance or other parameters. The tracking pan-tilt LCD screen can help users to view the current GPS information, azimuth angle, signal quality and so on.

M58 Pro is designed with dual backup links, the main link uses 1.4GHz communication band (800MHz and 2.4GHz can be customized), and the backup link uses low frequency microwave band. Users can choose fixed frequency and frequency hopping mode to receive link control commands through network protocol. The control protocol can be integrated into the ground station software. Through the interface operation on the software to achieve radio silence, radio backup link communication, and radio timing communication, which can easily meet the special application scenarios such as complex radio interference and radio countermeasures.