MF18 automatic tracking platform system

Extremely high integration,precise tracking

In system application scenarios of ultra-long-distance drone or model aircraft,the usage of high-gain directional antennas can improve the reception ability of wireless signals,and the higher the gain of the directional antenna,the smaller the lobe width.As the real-time position of the drone is continuously changing,the high-gain antenna on the ground needs to align it in real time.we have designed a full-automatic antenna tracking platform system MF18.With high integration and good tracking performance,it can be used together with our Maestro series of video transmission and provide users with system-level solution.

Extremely high integration

MF18 contains multiple functional modules,which satisfy batch application requirements of ultra-long-distance drone .

Low-latency 2.4G/5.8G dual-band WIFI

Stable and reliable,convenient and useful

MF18 has the function of wireless video and data distribution.Through dual-band wifi function component,HD video streaming and data can be transmitted to the host computer,
making the ultra-long-distance drone system more reasonable and convenient.Users can obtain drone data and video through the standard network interface of the tripod head base.
MF18 adopts TCP or UDP method to transmit data and TCP、UDP、RTSP to transmit video.

SBUS forwarding and extended range module

Remote control,handy control

MF18 has a SBUS forwarding and extended range module.Customers can use MF18 together with Maestro HD image transmission to connect the SBUS interface of the remote control receiver to the SBUS interface of MF18 to realize remote control of drone or mount.

High-gain directional antenna

Strong signal reception ability

Strong signal reception ability,It support for customizing different bands and effectively<br>improve the transmission distance and stability of the wireless link.

Automatic tracking system

360°high-precision tracking

It support Mavlink protocol analysis to extract the latitude,longitude and altitude of drone ,
making customers know the real-time position of the drone  preciously.
If the flight control return substandard Mavlink protocol data,we can provide customized solution.

High gain directional antenna

Use MF18 and M52 together

The drone uses Pixhawk flight control,the ground terminal of M52 receives the flight data of the drone .transmit the Mavlink of the flight control to the protocol analysis component of MF18 through UART1 or the real-time video and flight control data to low-delay wifi distribution components. The customers’ host compute are supposed to connected to the wifi hotspot,and open the Mission Planner or QGC ground station software, then obtain the video and flight data via UDP/TCP/RTSP and control the drone .